The Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

In order to get an unbiased assessment about homeschooling, it is best to fairly weigh the benefits and advantages of homeschooling, as well the disadvantages and limitations of the said educational program.

Homeschool happens when the parent/s or guardian/s decided to pull the children out of their regular school environment and decided to become the children’s educator. The motivations of each parent or guardian may or may not be different from one another but all are aiming to give a more quality education to their children as they see fit.

Not different from any other issues, homeschool have its gains and losses. Below are the advantages of homeschooling:

a. It reestablishes the role of the family as the core of educational basis of each child;
b. The family becomes the central figure in the child’s life as the parents mold their children influencing them with their social, moral and educational growth.
c. Homeschool has community-based socialization as opposed to the school’s classroom-based one. This will help the children to interact with people of different ages and stature; not limiting their exposure to the issues and life of their same-aged classmates

It is also said that home school provide a more realistic view of what the world really is unlike being confined to a room with kids of the same age and behavior. It has been argued that the best way to mold a child is by the beauty of example.

d. Homeschool advocates are insistent that academic excellence is more achievable with homeschool than with the unfocused learning done in regular / public schools.
e. The parents also understand that each child has a pace, making the lessons learned appropriately without the need to hurry or delay the schedule because of the student’s different levels of comprehension
f. The curriculum is also designed to work with the child’s pace and learning style.
g. Homeschool also gives a chance for the family to bond together longer. It is a common sentiment that American families nowadays are drifting apart because of unshared interests and beliefs.

Now, the ones given are only a part of the many advantages of homeschooling. These are the ones that fulfill the four different aspects of parent’s motivation: religion, academics, socialization, and family.

On the other hand, with every advantage comes a disadvantage. No educational program is perfect, and imperfection means disadvantages. Below are some of the most commonly raised ones about homeschool:

a. One disadvantage is the lack or insufficient interaction of homeschoolers with the kids of their own age. It should be accepted that the kids need to know how a normal kid of his age react as to know how the social norms will assess him.
b. Another is the limited resources of homeschooling as compared to the state budgeted schools. Limited resources means limited educational materials that will greatly help the children achieve academic excellence.
c. And the third one is the parental limitations that in turn also limit the child’s learning potential.

All in all, a parent must properly weigh all the considerations before deciding for the next phase. Always keep in mind that in your hands is the future of your child.