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Deciding to home school removed from a defined or structured curriculum can be thought of as cheap, but that is far from the truth.

The truth is, your expenses will mount as you try to provide your child with a state of the art education to make sure they can compete with the school goers. Your true costs will be surprisingly high.

Being supplied with current books, class materials, computer equipment, an internet connection, supplies, etc cost money and will add up quickly. You should also consider the cost of a tutor for the subject areas you are not so willing to handle. The total costs can boggle your mind. One bright point is that if you intend to add more kids to your school room, they do come at a bit of a discount with the above mentioned items having already been purchased.

Homeschooling’s impact can have a far bigger reach if you consider that it is usually one parent fully dedicated to the teaching duties, which likely prevents them from being a part of the workforce where they could provide an additional income. An interesting tidbit is that your typical home school teacher is a women with a college degree and the ability to earn $35,000 or more a year. Another interesting tidbit is that most families with more than 2 children opt out of homeschooling.

Families do exist that are successful in homeschooling their children at lower rates. Just how low is often determined by the families size, support group, the type of materials used as well as its availability. The re-use of materials for successive kids will decrease the cost, as well as homeschooling vendors providing materials for less. Your public library, ballet, theater and other memberships can help reduce costs too. You will also have instances for bartering. For instance, you are comfortable teaching math, where another parent is comfortable teaching science, so you trade teaching or tutoring instead of hiring someone. Having a good support group can have an impact too by allowing you to divide field trip costs, projects, etc.

In spite of the home school expenses, people advocate the benefits of homeschooling far outweigh any of these problems or expenses. Having the freedom to decide what your child learns combined with how and when it is taught is key. The child and parent mutually benefit from this life-enriching experience.