Home School – High School – Am I Forgetting Anything?

When it comes to home schooling, the question “Am I forgetting anything?” reminds me of the old joke, “Anyone who’s not here please raise your hand.”  Homeschooling high school can be complex.  Can anyone really know everything that needs to be done and feel confident nothing is forgotten?

Not really….

I have good news! You don’t have to be perfect. No one is, so you’re not really at a competitive disadvantage by not achieving perfection. The best you can do is to be attentive on the critical issues that every homeschooling high school parent faces.

There is one important thing you can do to be confident.  Find a homeschooling parent who is gone before you.  You need a caring friend who has successfully homeschooled high school.  They will be able to understand your concerns and questions.  More importantly, they can help you find solutions and navigate high school successfully. That individual will typically know the dangers and traps that are waiting for the unprepared.

This is why I always advocate that homeschool mothers find a mentor — a slightly older mom who has done it all before. The ability to bounce ideas off of a mentor will help you tremendously as you face uncharted waters of homeschooling the upper grades. High school is hard work, especially if you are planning for your children to attend college. Although it’s not rocket science, missing certain key dates and events can really help hurt your students chances at successfully reaching college.  With just a little preparation and planning, you can successfully homeschool high school and help your child reach his or her potential.