Fixing Our Nation’s Schools At Home – One Homeschooling Family at a Time!

It seems our country is just having a heck of a time fixing our schools systems, and whenever someone gives it a running try, they seem to be cut down quickly by bureaucratic politics, teachers unions, and the rest. For instance Michelle Rhee did an outstanding job in the Washington DC school district cutting through the red-tape and bringing up test scores and teaching standards in her appointed position there as head of the schools. Unfortunately, appointed positions become un-appointed positions as the pendulum of politics swings back again – and it always does.

Indeed, Michelle Rhee today has now become an advocate and has started an advocacy group in Washington DC to take her vision and passion to fix America’s schools across the nation. However, as a parent with kids in school, we know we can’t wait for such plans to permeate across each state line and break-down the doors of political impasse, teacher union agreements, and school administrators. For us parents time is of the essence, and therefore, we need to do something now, right now, preferably yesterday. But what can we do? We can home school that’s what we can do.

Why you ask, well if you have the time to home school, and you know your child will not get the education you were hoping for, then what choice do you really have? Can you really afford to wait until all the schools are fixed? After all, Michelle Rhee fought the system to restore the schools in Washington DC, set an example of what can be accomplished, and in the end the system won out. This time, but even as this game continues to trudge on in the courts, in the schools, in the teachers unions, and at the school boards – you have to worry about your own family first. You can’t wait.

You and I may not be able to fight the school districts like Michelle was able to do, but we can ensure that our children’s education is complete. So, the choice is one you have to make, and thus, I recommend that you learn exactly what your choices are. Understand what’s going on in our public schools, what needs to be fixed, what you can do, and then decide if it’s worth it to try. Or if you just want to opt out and teach your own child at home. Please consider all this.

Additional Reading:

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